+36 30 779 1866 E-mail: info@biotalentum.hu

BioTalentum Ltd. is a leading technology provider in Central & Eastern Europe since 2005 so we turned 15 years in 2020. In these 15 years BioTalentum Ltd. has grown significantly, our research and management team now comprised of 22 personnel. However, our mission is still the same: developing and providing human stem cell-based solutions for disease modelling, in vitro toxicology and regenerative medicine. In FP7 BIOT has successfully participated in 17 projects, (in 9 as scientific coordinator), and in H2020 programme BIOT takes part in 14 projects: CasR, IN3, NABBA, PurinesDX (MSCA ITNs), EuToxRisk (large RIA), SciChallenge (SEAC), DRYNET (RISE), GROWTH, TUBE, EMAPS-Cardio (RIAs) ADAIR (ERA-NET), EuroGCT (CSA) and as coordinator of iNanoBIT (RIA) and DohART-NET (MSCA ITN).

We would like to thank all of our partners for their valued support over the past 15 years.