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BioTalentum is one of the 13 companies from across 6 Member States (Belgium, France, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia and Spain) which were selected for funding by the Commission under the first Important Project of Common European Interest in the health sector (“IPCEI Med4Cure”). The Member States will provide up to €1 billion in public funding to the selected companies (direct partners) for the realization of their individual projects. These highly ambitious projects will cover all key steps of the pharmaceutical value chain, from collection and study of cells, tissues and other samples, to sustainable production technologies of breakthrough therapies, including personalised treatments, and to application of advanced digital technologies. They aim at accelerating medical advancement and at fostering the resilience of the EU health industry by enhancing drug discovery, in particular for unmet medical needs. These developments will improve the quality of healthcare and increase the EU’s preparedness for emerging health threats while contributing to the green transition.

The project put forward by BioTalentum (CARDIABETTER) concerns the first industrial deployment in regenerative medicine for the cure of diabetes and heart failure. More specifically, it has set the goal to allow two economically and socially significant diseases, namely, diabetes mellitus and heart failure, to reach clinical treatment phases approved by the EU, with the use of regenerative medicine, thus overcoming the current market failure and lack of funding.

Márton Nagy, Minister for National Economy, welcomed the decision and expressed his appreciation to Prof. Dr. András Dinnyés.