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BioTalentum is an RTD intensive SME established in 2005, focused mostly on stem cell research and services, with a branch on EU project management, advisory and trainings.

BioTalentum – more than just a workplace

At BioTalentum, we all use our expertise to create a better future. This desire is not limited to the field of biotechnology, instead we strive to make a positive impact on our immediate environment. We believe that together we can achieve more than individually; therefore, we organize events where we can work as a team towards a chosen global goal.

On 27 September 2023 we engaged in a teambuilding activity in support of sustainable development: the staff planted about 960 native tree saplings in the Merzse Swamp Nature Reserve Area.

For a detailed description of the event, click the link here.

Tree planting was an ideal form of employee engagement to the benefit of the environment.