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Disease modelling

Reliable disease models are the key to a successful understanding of disease pathogenesis and medical drug development. The hiPSC-derived cells in our portfolio support our academia and industry partners in their R&D activities.

In line with our customer’s needs, we offer reprogramming of PBMCs from diseased patients towards hiPSCs and further differentiation to mature cells. We also offer genetic modifications on the cell type of interest including knocking in/out techniques and exon modifications.To monitor the required disease-associated pathways we also offer fluorescent reporter gene-tagging to suit your needs. We also provide bioinformatics to help provide a deeper understanding and interpretation of your OMICS-data.

BioTalentum offers hiPSC-derived neural progenitor cells (NPCs) from healthy individuals, familiar and sporadic Alzheimer’s disease patients. Our RUO products are well characterized, differentiation protocols towards neural cultures are provided to our customers. BioTalentum’s highly talented scientists are ready to support our customers.

As non-communicable diseases such as Alzheimer’s are a leading cause of death in the developed world, reliable disease models are crucial for a better understanding of these diseases and for the development of new drugs. In BioTalentum’s R&D activities, we focus on the development of novel cellular models to help model neurodegenerative and cardiovascular diseases.