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In vitro toxicology

Our hiPSC-based new approach models (NAM) offer a reliable test service for our customers to replace animal testing system and to support a safer and healthier world.

In order to support a safer and healthier world, we offer our hiPSC-based neurotoxicology test service on healthy and Alzheimer’s disease (familiar and sporadic) patient-derived cells. Our service covers the developmental stages of the CNS from the early to the late stage. Depending on the test compound(s) we can offer several end-point measurements at different time points to investigate acute, or chronic effects.

BioTalentum offers hiPSC-derived neural progenitor cells (NPCs) from healthy individuals, familiar and sporadic Alzheimer’s disease patients. Our RUO products are well characterized, differentiation protocols towards neural cultures are provided to our customers. BioTalentum’s highly talented scientists are ready to support our customers.

In the developed and developing world, industry, food, medical and agriculture-derived chemicals are around us. Although the available information is limited, it is known that environmental chemicals play role in the pathogenesis of a wide variety of diseases from the conception to the elderly ages. Our R&D programs focusing on the deep understanding on how these chemicals acts on the developing organs, including brain and heart.