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“Over the last decade, it has been a privilege to collaborate with BioTalentum, one of the most innovative and talented research institutes in Europe. As a consequence, we have benefitted from award of several shared EU grants such as EpiHealth, EpiHeathNet and DohART across collaborative and ITN programmes. BioTalentum combines an excellent scientific team with a highly organised management and administrative support, a seamless structure that works so effectively. I highly recommend BioTalentum, they are simply the best.”

Prof. Tom P. Fleming

University of Southampton

“I have worked with BioTalentum since around 2010 and can highly recommend them.  I have benefited greatly from their highly innovative approach to research both within Europe and their global network of contacts.  As well as outstanding scientific expertise, the team are highly experienced in the administration and management of large research grants and have an excellent track record in obtaining major grant funding.  The research of myself and colleagues at the University of Manchester has benefited enormously from this over the course of 3 large consortium projects.  BioTalentum will make an excellent partner in a range of scientific enterprises.”

Prof. Daniel Brison

University of Manchester

“I have a fruitful collaboration with Biotalentum since 2007, in three projects of the European community.

Very dynamic company, with high scientific level and professionalism in managing scientific projects.

A fantastic team, open to new scientific adventures.”

Prof. Francesco Nicotra

University of Milano-Bicocca

Since 2016 I have an inspiring and challenging collaboration with Biotalentum in the preparation of several grant applications. This has resulted successfully in an ITN project ‘PeRicOnceptional Programming of HEalTh Training Network’, which is professionally managed by the great Biotalentum team. I highly recommend collaborations and partnerships with the company Biotalentum!

Prof. Régine PM Steegers-Theunissen, MD, PhD

Erasmus MC university Medical Center Rotterdam