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Regenerative medicine

A pluripotent stem cell can become any type of cell in the body and proliferate almost indefinitely, so they have a great promise in regenerative medicine therapy.

Our goal is to provide a cure to patients with diabetes, by engaging in the development of a pipeline of novel medical options to treat type 1 diabetes via regenerative medicine approaches. This would alleviate the burden of disease on society, especially those with diabetes-related medical complications, which currently shorten the life-span and decrease the quality of life of many.

Type 1 diabetes is an excellent candidate for regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. Since islet cell transplantation has already been proven to be an effective treatment for diabetic patients, generating insulin-producing beta cells should suffice for improving glycemic control and for clinical effectiveness.

BioTalentum uses cutting-edge techniques (scalable 3D cell culture platforms, genetically engineered iPS cells and directed cellular differentiation) to reduce the shortcomings of the currently available toolbox for preclinical/clinical testing and for a safe translation of regenerative medicinal cellular and tissue products, currently under preclinical and clinical trials (iNanoBit -European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program)