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State-of-the-art stem cell based solutions

In vitro toxicology to replace animal models

Stem cell derived human beta cells to cure type 1 diabetes

3D mini brains from AD patient derived stem cells

Custom cell services

BioTalentum Ltd. is ready to provide state-of-the-art cellular modeling and human iPSC-based neurotoxicology assays to support basic research, regenerative medicine and compound safety measurements.

We offer reliable, easy-to-use cell lines helping academic and industrial partners to advance research in stem cells and regenerative medicine.

Cellular models for in vitro toxicology

Our hiPSC-based New Approach Models (NAMs) as alternative toxicology models can replace animal testing systems in preclinical trials. In our platform, terminally differentiated NPC-derived neuronal cultures and astrocytes are used to compare customer’s compounds with known neurotoxic agents as positive controls. NPCs are available from healthy controls and familiar (f) / sporadic (s) Alzheimer’s disease patient-derived test systems as well.

Gene engineering

Genome editing itself has a tremendous potential for studying genetic causes of certain diseases and genetic variation. The generation of stable expression systems for in vitro toxicology assays, monitoring molecular events in response to altered conditions and environmental factors. We offer customer-specific solutions to match their needs with the latest, time and cost-efficient genetic modifications.


We provide interdisciplinary genomic technologies that combine state-of-the-art bioanalytic platforms with classical molecular biology techniques depending on your specific needs. Our services include a multi-omics data analysis, the discovery of the molecular mechanism of diseases, and a deeper understanding and interpretation of the ever-increasing size of biological data.

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