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We provide interdisciplinary genomic technologies combining state-of-art bioanalytic platforms with classical molecular biology possibilities depending of needs. Our services include multi-omics data analysis, discovery of molecular mechanism of diseases, deeper understanding and interpretation of the increasing amount of biological data.

Sequencing analysis

We can carry out a computational analysis for genomic/transcriptomic sequencing results: DNA-, RNA-sequencing, WES, splice variant/isoform determination. The service includes consultancy, the selection of a proper pipeline, assembly and analysis.

Biological interpretation of results

We can help provide a deeper insight based on the results of the action of mechanisms with an in-depth analysis of the gene expression profiles, pathway-, and epigenetic pattern recognition. It allows one to monitor disease-related changes, SNP variations and the evolution of structural biology. We also offer structured data collection for the interpretation of the OECD-supported Adverse Outcome Pathway (AOP).

Image analysis

We offer software technologies for the digital image processing of biological samples. Our professional image analysis will improve the accuracy and objectivity of the observation in a statistically reliable way.